Olivera Barbera

Olivera R. Barbera


Olivera Barbera is a Director at BlackRock where she is responsible for Business Management of the US Private Capital team, focusing on business and operational priorities, administration of the business and management of financials. 

Before coming to BlackRock in 2011, Ms. Barbera was a Principal at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, working in the Credit Strategy group.  During her six years at BAML, Olivera spent two years as a research analyst focusing on high grade and high yield markets, contributing to the flagship Credit Market Strategist and Situation Room publications.  In the remaining four years, she focused on the creation, adoption and maintenance of the Firm's credit data and portfolio analytics platform (Lighthouse), working with strategists to analyze credit portfolios to manage risk and generate alpha for investors.  Prior to BAML, Ms. Barbera was a Vice President at Lehman Brothers, where she spent nine years in the Global Fixed Income Strategy team as a research analyst.

Ms. Barbera graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, followed by graduate studies in Finance at Fordham University.